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Is your computer running more slowly than usual? Does it stop responding, freeze often, or display other odd behavior? Do you have pop ups on your desktop that are not from programs you installed? Has your web browser suddenly changed and started going to different home pages? If so, then you probably have a virus!

If your computer is infected with a virus, you'll want to remove the virus as quickly as possible. For your own protection, you should shut down your computer and not use it until after the virus issues have been resolved. The sooner you shut down the computer, the less damage the virus can do and the better chance of saving any data you may have on your computer.

Comprehensive Virus Removal Package

We offer a comprehensive Virus Removal Package for $90 which includes neutralizing any virus related threats, removing the virus, cleaning up files damaged or corrupted by the virus, then optimizing your system for best performance when we are done. We will do our best to remove the virus with minimal data loss while keeping your programs, data files, printer drivers, WiFi settings, and personal settings intact. Keep in mind, the longer the computer runs with the virus active, the lower the chances are of saving data files and/or programs. This option is 99% effective in removing the virus.

Complete Reformat Package

A secondary option we have for you is for us to completely DOD wipe, reformat, repartition the hard drive and reinstall Windows back to as close as we can to the factory condition. This option is only $85, however, you will lose any data files you may have saved and any additional programs you may have installed including printer drivers and WiFi settings. This option is the safest and least expensive way to go because it guarantees there will be no trace of the virus left. This option is 100% effective in removing the virus.

In some instances, after the virus has been removed, you may need to reinstall some software or restore some lost information from backup sources. We will do our best to minimize these instances. Remember, doing regular backups on your files to multiple backup devices can help you avoid data loss due to virus or hardware issues.


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